No I am not giving up my Loose Leaf Tea Obsession! (The Best way to Enjoy Tea while living in a van)

Howdy Fellow Travelers! We all know that living in a van or small RV means giving up many luxuries, but hey I am a contrary son of a gal, and I don't give up on things that easily! For me, I am OBSESSED with loose leaf tea. I drink tea to wake up, to help me fall asleep, and to cure me when I am sick. I can't give up my sleep aid, energy boost, and medicine! That's just unreasonable! But, that being said, space is scarce, so instead of giving up on my love for tea, I have had to get a little creative.

I don't collect traditional souvenirs, due to space, and money, but I do like to try local teas, sourced with local flowers & plants. But how am I supposed to enjoy my delicious souvenirs? I do it by using the following two items:

1) The Uendure Travel Tea Infuser. This is my personal favorite way of making, & drinking tea on the go. No multi-step process & no separate infuser that is going to get lost. This baby is all in one. All you do is:

  1. open it from the bottom
  2. insert your favorite tea
  3. pour in hot water
  4. steep & enjoy 

No hassle! No mess! This tea infuser is double insulated, so while it keeps your tea warm, it doesn't burn your hands. And, it can be opened from both the top & the bottom for easy cleaning. The only downside that I can see to this wonderful device is that it is only large enough for a single serving. Of course, the upside to this is that it is compact! And it comes with a carrying case, making it the perfect for drinking tea on the go, while still saving space! Click the photo below to buy one for yourself today.


So this all sounds fine and good right, but how do we easily procure hot water? The answer brings us to number 2

2.) The Gourmia Travel Foldable Electric Kettle! This kettle comes in multiple different sizes to fit your family's needs. It is completely collapsible, allowing for quick & easy storage. And it is super easy to use, and safety features, such as automatic shut off when it no longer senses water. The water boils quicker than a microwave so that you can make tea for all in no time! 

When it comes to adding an item to your van it is important to add only those items that you cannot live without, and/or have multiple uses. An added bonus to this collapsible tea kettle is that it can also be used to make oatmeal, ramen, and other quick & easy no muss, no fuss, meals. Want one? Click on the photo below.


With these two simple, compact devices, I am able to enjoy the luxury of tea while still conserving space for travel. 

What do you guys think? What luxuries are you unwilling to give up, and how do you find creative ways to keep them in your new life?

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