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So you are on the road, and you need to know where to find campgrounds, dumps, gas, Walmarts, etc. Sure you can google all of that, but wouldn't it be nicer if you could just find everything that you needed in just one app, on just one map? Especially if there is no cell service? Well, the number one app that I turn to is Allstays Camp & RV. It is currently only available for iOS for just a one time fee of just $9.99. There is also a website for those who have android devices. 

The categories that show up on the map are:

Campgrounds: BLM lands, National Parks, State & Provincial Parks, Independent Campgrounds, ONP (Overnight Parking such as Casinos) & Walmarts that allow Overnight Parking, etc.

Clearances and Covered Bridges: so that you don't wander down a road that you cannot safely navigate.

RV Businesses & Services: Dealers, RV Dumps extra places, Rest Areas & Rest Turnouts, as well as Road Grades.

Stores: Bass Pro Shops, Cabelas, Camping World, Costco, Cracker Barrel (they usually have about 5 spots that allow overnight parking) Costco, REI, & LPG Propane Supplies, etc

Truck Stops: Loves, Pilot, Flying J, TA (Travel America), etc

You can filter for just the businesses or services that you are looking for, and the advanced filter will allow you to even find certain amenities, such as only campgrounds that have laundry rooms or are pet-friendly for instance.

One of the best things about this app is that you can use it offline, as the data is stored on your device. The maps, however, are not, but if you look at the area that you will be in ahead of the time that you won't have cell service, the maps usually will stay loaded in your device's memory.

Any of the information that you click on the app will bring you to a page with more information about that campground, store or service. You can click on a link that will take you to their website, and if you wish you can add information to Allstays so that the app's information is always current. It is the best of a database and a crowdsourced app. To get the app, click on the link:


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