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Normally while traveling in our van, we like to boondock, whether on BLM Land or behind a Cracker Barrel. But sometimes you want or need the extras of an actual campground. When that happens, we prefer not to shell out too much of our hard-earned dollars, so we investigated some of the available campground membership options. These included Thousand Trails, Good Sam, Harvest Hosts, etc. We purchased two memberships and were given a third as a bonus when we bought our van. So we have a little bit of experience with some of them.

In our very humble opinion, none are as good as Passport America. Compared to Thousand Trails, which has an annual membership fee of $565, Passport America costs a mere $44 a year. With Thousand Trails your stay is free, but they have way fewer campground options (190 vs 1800) and when you join you have to pick one of five zones, so you don't even have access to all 190 participating sites. With Passport America, your stay is 50% off of the normal campground price, meaning that usually after your second stay you have earned your membership fee back. And their member campgrounds are located all throughout North America. Your membership is good in the USA, Mexico, and Canada. And since there are so many sites, you can usually find a campground in a convenient location near you. We actually found that Artillery Ridge campground, located in Gettysburg, PA, a destination for Civil War Buffs, is a participating Passport America campground. We stayed there for 2 nights while exploring the area. And when we were in southern Utah we found one in Escalante, close to the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument (before it was reduced) along beautiful Scenic Byway, Hwy 12. On the outskirts of Albuquerque, is Enchanted Trails RV Park, with their vintage cars, and trailers, & unique laundry and waiting area. Don't pass it up.

Now each campground can and usually does have restrictions, such as on weekends, or only 14 nights total stay, but I can work with that. And since the fee to join Passport America is so low,  usually, after only two stays, the membership has paid for itself. Everything after that is a bonus!

Passport America also has an app for both iOS and Android, which helps you to easily find their sites, both on the map or as a list. The app will tell you their current price, as well as their PA rate, and will also let you know what, if any, restrictions apply. You can find the restrictions under the Notes drop-down. 

Learn more, and/or join, by clicking the link or banner below. Annual equals 12 months not calendar year. 

 Passport America

 Passport America, Save 50% on Campsites

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