Travel or Work? Why not Both!?

Howdy Fellow Wanderers It's me again Kate!

Today I am here to talk about the constant battle between work, and travel. I know many of us are plagued with the constant battle between wanting to travel and needing to work. I am writing this post to talk about how early on I found a way to do both, and no this post does not end with me becoming a "Digital Nomad."

Once upon a time, I had a respectable adult job within my field of study, working normal adult hours, and honestly not making that great of a salary. I was certainly making enough money to pay my bills and to even enjoy myself from time to time, but certainly, nothing to write home about. Long story short I was in a car accident that ultimately left me unable to continue my profession that I had worked so hard to obtain. I was left unemployed and lost. I still needed to work to live, but I could only perform "simple" jobs. I use the term simple loosely, as I do have a load of respect for the jobs I had the chance to perform, and in no way find them to be easy. 

But I was left with a decision. Should I stay in the same area of the country, and continue with the "simpler" work, or should I look elsewhere for employment? I had no reason to stay as I did not have a family to care for, nor did I have my career as justification, so what the hell? I decided it was time to travel. But as we all know travel costs money. 

I decided that I was interested in following in my brother's footsteps and sought employment in Alaska through I applied for and ultimately was hired to work as a server on the famous Alaskan Railroad. My office was now the stunning Alaskan landscape, and my clients were enthusiastic vacationers. While others were paying thousands of dollars to travel to this destination, I was being paid to be there. This website allowed me to travel, hike, camp, and explore, all while making very decent money. allows you to search for seasonal jobs by state, by national park, or by position. Not only do you get to go to work in amazing places, you get to perform unusual dream jobs! You can be a deckhand on a whale-watching boat or a kayak guide in the Amazon. If it is on your bucket list, it may be on this site.

If you're in school but can't afford to study for a semester abroad, but still want to gain that experience, spend a summer making money abroad instead, by going to Or if you want to spend your summers in one place but your winters in another, this website may also be for you. 

So the next time life presents you with what appears to be a decision between one thing or the other, just put a smile on your face and say, "Both, please.", because you don't have to choose between one or the other if you are creative enough. 

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