Traveling in the winter = Wag Bags & Poo Powder

So fellow travelers, we have a Winnebago Travato van, which has a sink, wet bath/shower, & toilet, along with the accompanying grey and black water tanks. But it is now winter, and thus we have winterized our van since we live in Erie, Pennsylvania, where lake effect snow is a thing. But, hey that doesn’t mean that we don’t want to travel. It just means making some adjustments, one of which is how we use our toilet. And since my hubby and I have bladders that are incapable of waiting until morning to be emptied, using our toilet is a MUST. Many have recommended that we just dump some antifreeze down the toilet after each use, but since we weren't confident that the clean water wouldn't freeze prior to use, we decided on a different route. And that route is Wag Bags by Cleanwaste, with a few scoops of Poo Powder. Yes, it is actually called that lol. The powder when combined with liquid, forms a gel, so that when disposing of the bag in the morning you don't need to worry about a liquid mess pouring through should the bag break. However, don't put toilet paper in the toilet or it will interfere with the gelling. Make sure that you have a wastebasket nearby to dispose of it instead. And if you actually need to go #2 in the middle of the night, the Poo Powder will keep the smell down. Now the downside to all of this is that the wag bags are designed to fit a bucket and not an RV toilet, so they are really too small, but we manage anyways. And the other issue is that you cannot find just the Poo Powder or Bags sold separately anywhere on the road. I know, since our current trip has lasted longer than expected, so we have only one night of powder left. We have stopped at numerous, REI's, Cabela's, Bass Pro Shops, Camping World's, and Walmarts along the way, all of which sell this stuff online, but none of which stock it. So make sure that you stock up because you will use way more than you think you will. Here are some links: 


Poo Powder - 55 Scoops 

Poo Powder - 120 Scoops 

15 Wag Bags plus 15 Scoops of Powder

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